Monday, August 18

Moving Home!

It's come to the time to renew this domain name, which means is going to be 6!

Due to time constraint and low readership, I decided to stop blogging here...

Hehe.. You're reading it right, don't worry! I will be blogging in new home. Click HERE!

Sunday, April 6

Hong Kong Trip Day 1: Lantau Island, Symphony of Light & Anything

Finally, my bb and I able to set our foots on Hong Kong. It was a memorable trip for us and we had great fun indeed despite it was short one. We went to Lantau Island/Ngong Ping 360 after touched down in airport.

Later, we took MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui whereby we stayed and of course, to try all the good foods in Hong Kong! Owwsome!

Saturday, March 15

Into Blackberry Q10

I'm always a fan of Blackberry QWERTY keyboard and its security system.

Feel like trying back Blackberry phone again. Q10 will be my choice as it's stylish and can install .apk files which added more fun.

Monday, March 10

Sunday Outing to Tangkak & Hutan Rekreasi Melaka

Both of us love random outing a lot!

We decided to travel to Tangkak for a short makan trip. It was so fun to be together :)

Let's go!

First stop was to look for my friend's dad shop, the famous Wan Tan Mee in Tangkak which is named as 秋记面饭店. The shop was started by his grandfather and has been operated for over 70 years by his father and the next generation.

 The noodles & chasiew are freshly homemade daily. I personally like the wan tan & soup a lot.

Wan Tan Mee, must try!

They serve different type of wan tan such as dried wan tan, wan tan soup & fried wan tan.

Aside of Tangkak Beef Noodles & Wan Tan Mee, you should try the freshly made 香饼 (hiong beng). Sedap!

After coming back from Tangkak, we dropped by Hutan Rekreasi for a cycling session. Indeed fun :)