Wooden Heritage Watch Project

I have always admire and support creative and innotive ideas. I'm glad to support one project in Kickstarter which is for this watch. 

The creator faced difficulties and legal issues when making the watch but I had confidence they could make it. And voila, they made it and I'm proud to wear the watch. 

The watch is a wooden watch with leather strap. I didn't feel comfortable at first as its really light compared to my fossil watch. Nevertheless, it's very nice and minimalist looking. 

I shall continue support more awesome projects. :)


Hong Kong Trip Day 1: Lantau Island, Symphony of Light & Anything

Finally, my bb and I able to set our foots on Hong Kong. It was a memorable trip for us and we had great fun indeed despite it was short one. We went to Lantau Island/Ngong Ping 360 after touched down in airport.

Later, we took MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui whereby we stayed and of course, to try all the good foods in Hong Kong! Owwsome!


Into Blackberry Q10

I'm always a fan of Blackberry QWERTY keyboard and its security system.

Feel like trying back Blackberry phone again. Q10 will be my choice as it's stylish and can install .apk files which added more fun.


Sunday Outing to Tangkak & Hutan Rekreasi Melaka

Both of us love random outing a lot!

We decided to travel to Tangkak for a short makan trip. It was so fun to be together :)

Let's go!

First stop was to look for my friend's dad shop, the famous Wan Tan Mee in Tangkak which is named as 秋记面饭店. The shop was started by his grandfather and has been operated for over 70 years by his father and the next generation.

 The noodles & chasiew are freshly homemade daily. I personally like the wan tan & soup a lot.

Wan Tan Mee, must try!

They serve different type of wan tan such as dried wan tan, wan tan soup & fried wan tan.

Aside of Tangkak Beef Noodles & Wan Tan Mee, you should try the freshly made 香饼 (hiong beng). Sedap!

After coming back from Tangkak, we dropped by Hutan Rekreasi for a cycling session. Indeed fun :)

Mercedes Benz 190E & BMW E30

Recently, I got addicted to two classic luxurious cars, which are none other than Mercedes Benz 190E & BMW E30. Hope to get these both someday :)


Letting Go Yashica Electro 35 GSN

I'm selling this vintage and classic camera, Yashica Electro 35 GSN.

It has been with me for years and I got to let it go as no time for photography indeed. It's in good condition and well taken care of.

 Interested buyer feel free to buzz me at

Let's Rock Again!

Without realizing, this blog has been abandoned for long. Many wonderful things happened throughout this period of time. I will try to find time to share bits of my life in this blog again!

I count all the blessing of having my beloved with me walking this journey of life, God has been so so good to me :)

iOS7 for Apple iPad Mini

Last two days, Apple announced the latest phone models in the keynote event. The iPhone 5C and 5S will be new models for Apple iPhone. 

I was expecting Apple to come out with something that could compete with giants like HTC and Samsung but to me the new models are like same body with new appearance. There is nothing unique being introduced but better features compared to the old models.

Anyway, I may not get the phones but excitedly am looking forward for the iOS7 for my Apple iPad Mini. I simply like the flat design icons, flat design is the new trend, loving it.


Of The Tasty Nasi Lemak

It has been quite some time since I last took Nasi Lemak. I know it's unhealthy food and sinful to my body but feel so good after taking it. Slurrpp~